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John Updike Persistence of Desire

John Updike In the Beauty of Lilies

John Updike Audio Collection

John Updike Reading "e;Lifeguard"e; from Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories

John Updike Couples

John Updike Gesturing

John Updike Lifeguard

John Updike Killing

John Updike Family Meadow

John Updike Bulgarian Poetess

John Updike Ace in the Hole

John Updike Your Lover Just Called

John Updike Snowing in Greenwich Village

John Updike Man Who Loved Extinct Mammals

John Updike Orphaned Swimming Pool

Updike J. The Witches of Eastwick Иствикские ведьмы

Updike John Villages

Owen Mackenzie's life story abounds with sin and seduction, domesticity and debauchery. His marriage to his college sweetheart is quickly followed by his first betrayal and he embarks upon a series of affairs. His pursuit of happiness, in a succession of small towns from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts, brings him to the edge of chaos, from which he is saved by a rescue that carries its own fatal price.

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Updike J. Witches of Eastwick

Книга на английском языке.

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Runcie J. Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love

Fifty Great American Short Stories

A brilliant, far-reaching collection of stories from Washington Irving to John Updike. The Classic Stories Edgar Allan Poe s "Ms. Found in a Bottle," Bret Harte s "The Outcasts of Poker Flat," Sherwood Anderson s "Death in the Woods," Stephen Vincent Benet s "By the Waters of Babylon" The Great Writers Melville, James, Dreiser, Faulkner, Hemingway, Steinbeck, McCullers The Little-Known Masterpieces Edith Wharton s "The Dilettante," Finley Peter Dunne s "Mr. Dooley on the Popularity of Fireman," Charles M. Flandrau s "A Dead Issue," James Reid Parker s "The Archimandrite's Niece""

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David Waldstreicher A Companion to John Adams and Quincy

A Companion to John Adams and John Quincy Adams presents a collection of original historiographic essays contributed by leading historians that cover diverse aspects of the lives and politics of John and John Quincy Adams and their spouses, Abigail and Louisa Catherine. Features contributions from top historians and Adams’ scholars Considers sub-topics of interest such as John Adams’ role in the late 18th-century demise of the Federalists, both Adams’ presidencies and efforts as diplomats, religion, and slavery Includes two chapters on Abigail Adams and one on Louisa Adams

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Evelyn John The Diary of (Volume 1 2)

Evelyn John The Diary of (Volume 2 2)

John Lee Hooker - Two Sides Of

Кейси Майклс The Dubious Miss Dalrymple

Forced to assume a false identity, «John Bates» journeyed to the new Earl of Hythe's home to uncover a murderous plot. There he found Elinor Dalrymple, sister to the newly ensconced earl and mistress of his seaside estate.At first glance, John dismissed her as merely a staid spinster. Yet once she let down her hair, sweet Elinor transformed into a beautiful butterfly–and a feisty damsel who was dubious of his devilish rogue persona. Suddenly John's carefully orchestrated masquerade was crumbling…under his own desire to reveal his true self to Miss Dalrymple!

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Buchan John Burnet of Barns: A Romance

Buchan John Burnet of Barns


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