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Edge Frederick Milnes An Englishman's View of the Battle between Alabama and Kearsarge

Edge Frederick Milnes The Exploits and Triumphs, in Europe, of Paul Morphy, the Chess Champion

Frederick Morton Eden Eight letters on the peace and commerce manufactures of Great Britain

Полный вариант заголовка: «Eight letters on the peace and on the commerce and manufactures of Great Britain / By Sir Frederick Morton Eden, Bart».




Frederick S. Lane Court and the Cross

Eggleston George Cary Red Eagle and the Wars With Creek Indians of Alabama.

Frederick Treves The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences

Boyle Frederick The Woodlands Orchids, Described and Illustrated

G. Frederick Wright Man and the Glacial Period

Frederick Douglass The Life & Times of

Brereton Frederick Sadleir Jones of the 64th: A Tale Battles Assaye and Laswaree

Frederick Morton Eden An estimete of the number inhabitants in Great Britain and Ireland

Полный вариант заголовка: «An estimete of the number of inhabitants in Great Britain and Ireland / By Frederick Morton Eden, Bart».




Wideman J.E. American Histories

These stories offer spellbinding reflections on abolitionists and artists, fathers and sons, the bonds of family and the pull of memory. A re-imagined conversation takes place between white anti-slavery crusader John Brown and black abolitionist Frederick Douglass. A man sits on the edge of Williamsburg Bridge, contemplating suicide. The author considers the deaths of his brother, uncle, mother and niece.John Edgar Wideman`s fiction challenges the boundaries of the form. Emotionally precise and intellectually stimulating, this is Wideman at his best.

1077 RUR



Frederick Douglass The Collected Works of

Frederick Douglass Life and Times of

Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life Douglass, an American Slave

Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life Douglass, an American Slave

Louise Gouge M. Love Thine Enemy

Indulge your fantasies of delicious Regency Rakes, fierce Viking warriors and rugged Highlanders. Be swept away into a world of intense passion, lavish settings and romance that burns brightly through the centuriesThe tropics of colonial Florida are far removed from America's Revolution.Still, Rachel Folger's loyalties remain with Boston's patriots. Handsome plantation owner Frederick Moberly's faithfulness to the Crown is as certain as his admiration for Rachel–but for the sake of harmony, he'll keep his sympathies hidden. After all, the war is too far distant to truly touch them. . . isn't it?A betrayal of Rachel's trust divides the pair, leaving Frederick to question the true meaning of faith in God and in country. Inspired by Rachel to see life, liberty and love through His eyes, Frederick must harness his faith and courage to claim the woman he loves before war tears them apart.

344.75 RUR



Bateman Frederick The Idiot: His Place in Creation, and Claims on Society

Brereton Frederick Sadleir Indian and Scout: A Tale of the Gold Rush to California

Brereton Frederick Sadleir With Rifle and Bayonet: A Story of the Boer War

Fleay Frederick Gard A Chronicle History of the Life and Work William Shakespeare

Daniel Frederick Edward Sykes Miriam - A Tale of Pole Hill and the Greenfield Hills

Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life Douglass, an American Slave

Douglass Frederick Narrative of the Life Douglass, an American Slave


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